Sony Style Store   From the moment you enter a Sony Style retail store, you notice something's special. The exquisite decor, the welcoming concierge desk, the contemporary product displays that seem to say, "Let's play."At nearly 6,000 square feet, Sony Style fashion retail stores encourage consumers to test-drive a variety of devices and experience firsthand their seamless interaction with digital entertainment content.  
Sony Style Stores  
Global Shop Las Vegas Animated graphics for 8 synchronized screens at the GLOBAL SHOP tradeshow, the largest and most-exciting retail design and in-store marketing event of the year. Our goal was to expose the end user to the many benefits of Digital Signs. Empowering retailers, educators, and agencies to communicate, persuade, influence, at the point of decision, during the decision making process.
Global Shop Las Vegas  
CES Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show: 5 sets of four-high groupings to serve as a eye-catching "digital signposts" for various Sony consumer products such as Mini Disc, Monitors, Camcorders, and Digital-Mavica. Important considerations when deciding on digital signage production, is the configuration of monitors, quantity of playback units, and distribution system.
Consumer Electronics Show  
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