Sony Annual Meeting   The opening video is the first opportunity to get the attendees to experience a sense of solidarity with SONY and to celebrate the company's astonishing achievements.The SONY story is dynamic transforming every day with new music releases, new movie box office hits, new technologies and startling innovations that lead to new products and ground-breaking new categories.  
Sony Corporate Meeting  
Daymon Worldwide Biennial Summit A Brief History of Branding Video: It would be easy to imagine that branding and using images to define brands was invented by the sophisticated marketing gurus of the 20th and 21st centuries - but history proves that the practice of communicating a message through branding is not a new one.
Daymon Worldwide Biennial  
Sony Video Magazine See, hear, work, play. Opening montage for the Sony Electronics video magazine featuring documentary footage of SEL manufacturing across America: past, present and future. Consumer and Broadcast products and employees in action, used for communication, entertainment, research.
Sony Electronics Magazine  
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