Artwork provided by the client UNI-LEVER  
I’ve never seen a producer do SO MUCH, SO WELL, SO FAST, with so little guidance and input from a client. Your creativity coupled with your perseverance and dedication has produced videos exceeding- ly above the clients’ expectations, given the time and budgets we had to produce them. Thanks Again!
Frank Vernon
Vice President
West Bank Creative  
Just a quick note and belated Thank-you for your wonderful computer graphics for the Jumbotron Screen. It was a magnificent presentation, and nobody could have done it better than you. Thanks again for all of your assistance.
Richard Adamonis
Executive Director
Sony Video Network  
BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB SAP truck interior artwork
...The work is great, you’ve done a wonderful job, you exceed my expectations of the results, every time. It’s so great to work with you again!
Nanci Bauman
President Creative Braintrust
You continue to amaze and impress everyone here with your energy and fresh creative approach, job after job. Thank you for the great work through all these years.
William Panza
Executive Producer
Sony StudiOne
Plan View provided by Client BANKERS TRUST
Just a note of thanks for all the creativity and technical expertise that you brought to the Bankers Trust videos. Clearly they would not have looked as good without your much appreciated talents. It was great to work with you and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the very near future.
Todd Street
Executive Producer
Todd Street Productions, Inc.  
...Thanks to your superior video work, the client was more than satisfied, thanks a million! THANKS AGAIN for another great, great project!
Joe Sireno President
Sireno Communications

... We thank you for your patience, understanding and honesty – rare to find these days. We’ll be in touch soon re: the new proposal.
Rea Rosno
Lilygild LTD.

NOVELL UNIX Client provided artist rendering
Thanks a million for the great work you did on the Novell/Unixware software project. It was a tough one, and we appreciate how you really stuck with it! You are a very talented designer, that’s plain to see, but your outlook and attitude is a joy to behold! I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.
Cathy Senett
Executive Producer
The Image Group
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